having a baby on the way, with the addition of the holiday season, seems to have me missing my dad perhaps even more than normal lately.

i think being a grandfather is something he would have enjoyed thoroughly.

my dad was one of the few people i've ever known who wanted to be old. i think he probably looked towards his elderly years with anticipation. it seems like he was always sort of an old soul.

ironically, he never really got a chance to get too old. though he secretly treasured every gray hair that he had like a badge of honor.

he would have been such a fun grandpa. though i think what he had decided he would officially want to be called is 'grandaddy'...how old is that?!

i feel sad because i miss him...but i also feel sad for my child who will never get to know him. i just hope that i can find a way to make him real.

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  1. You can make him real. I have a great-grandmother and a great-great grandmother who were not alive when I was born. But through the memories of family, they are both very much alive to me. I also have objects that were special to my various grandmothers -- dishes and even a baby grand piano.

    I've already started talking about another beloved great-grandmother to my kids -- a great-grandma I DID know very well. And they talk about her as if they knew her, too.

    No, it is not the same. But it is still nice to share my favorite memories with my kids of the people that I have loved in my life -- whether I knew them or not.

    Peace to you.


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