if anyone is married to an indian, then cricket automatically becomes a part of your life.

no, not the insects.

i mean the sport. if you still don't know what i'm talking about, just imagine the mother of baseball on crack. in india its almost closer to being a cult than entertainment. let's just suffice it to say that indians are passionate about their cricket.

and when india plays it's arch rival...pakistan... that just takes the crazy to a whole new level.
especially if it's in the cricket world cup semifinals!

which is what happened today.
which is why i stayed up all night to watch cricket for 9+ hours in a theater with my husband and desi friends!

thank you to india for making it worth my while, and thank you pakistan for playing a truly great game! both sides should be proud.

now we're off to the finals...which india hasn't won since 1983!
i think i should get instant wife points for knowing that... :)


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