ok, so remember a couple months ago when i posted about my brother planning to make me a headboard?!

well, that headboard is now living behind my bed!

for my birthday, my lil bro said he would make a headboard for me out of an old door from our family home.

i love old doors. they certainly dont make them like they used to. this one is probably 50 years old, and there isn't a single nail in it. the door is just pieces of wood locked in perfectly together to make the panels.

anyways. i love it! it's such a special gift!

and to make things even more awesome, he added shelves and back lighting!!

that solves my night stand issues! since our bed fits right in between two windows, there's really been no place for a nightstand with out blocking something. so alas, we have gone without...

and the result has usually been piles of books on the floor, and junk getting lost in the abyss under our bed...or getting dragged under there and destroyed by the under-the-bed monster...aka bindi.

oh, and i just have to brag for a second...the back lighting has 3 levels of brightness that is activated by touch! and guess what we touch to turn it on? the old door hinges! my bro is not only handy, but he's also smart!

and let me just tell you...that back lighting sets an awesome mood in there! my crappy cell phone pics don't do it justice...

so now that i have my headboard, i'm thinking again what kind of art or decor to use to fill in the blank space over the bed. the previous stuff we had there just looks too dinky now next to the headboard.

also, the headboard sticks out about a foot from the wall since it has the shelves and lighting and all back there, so i'm trying to think of multi-dimensional solutions to fill the space as well.

for the moment though i have a few moorish lanterns just hanging there. not sure if they'll stay or not, but i got a super crazy steal on them for $1 each, so that made them look pretty good to me for now!

i had another idea though that may be just really stupid, or it may be totally awesome...that's how most of my decorating ideas usually are it seems. but what if we put a long narrow planter back there against the wall and grew some tall indoor bamboo?? too crazy?? too creepy?

hmmm...i'm open to suggestions.
but anyways...thank you lil' bro! i love you!


  1. That is so cool! I'm so proud of both of you! The love for old and unique items so cleverly repurposed in an innovative manner with modern touches. Love Aunt S:)

  2. That is so cool what your brother did with an old door from your family home! It looks great! I love the lights in the pic they looks so awsome! where did you find them?


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