day 4.
are you tired of hearing texans freak out about winter weather yet?
if so, then you might want to turn back now.
don't say i didn't warn you...

do you remember what it looked like outside yesterday?
here's a quick reminder.

a couple inches of just solid ice on the ground.
but this morning when we woke up, it looked like this!

the mailbox was really our only indication of where the sidewalk and street are.
if it's going to be crazy cold, then it might as well look awesome! i love it!

what you're looking at is about 6 inches of powder snow on top of a couple inches of ice.
a texas driver's worst nightmare.

but fortunately we weren't driving...everything was closed for the 4th consecutive day.
so it was our dream!
we have spent today totally appeasing the inner child. :)

when my husband and i were kids, i grew up near houston, where the closest thing to snow i ever saw was maybe a quarter inch of ice, and shomik grew up in the even hotter mumbai (bombay back then), where 65 degrees is freakishly cold.

so today was probably the first time either of us have been legitimately sledding.
i's really sad.
but today we made up for lost time. i'm sure our bodies will hate us in the morning.

we trekked down the street to a golf course...which happens to double as a hilly sledding wonderland. and yes, we're using a dog crate liner as a sled...don't judge.

i don't think the dogs were quite as into it as we were...
but trust me, it was magical.

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