day 3.
the ice isn't melting.
more snow expected tonight.
the city is getting restless...facebook is getting very active.

sometimes i think God wants us to slow down a bit though.
besides the cabin fever setting in, the change of pace has been a nice break.

so what do you do when you're iced in for 3 days and your street looks like a frozen pond?

well, it's been nice to seriously catch up on some computer work. laundry. make lots of comfort food. do house chores. spend an ungodly amount of time on facebook. self clean the oven. (which i now know is a bad idea when it's too cold to open the windows). drink hot chai. watch netflix. sit by the fire. bollywood booty. (yes, that's an aerobic video! haha). snuggle with the dogs. rarely shower. and live in

our furthest slippery slidey trek has been across the street to the grocery store for some more firewood.

oh, and taking the dogs for some iditarod style potty walks.

it's hard to believe that just this past weekend it was 75 degrees.
if it really snows tonight, you better believe that i'll be doing some sledding in a laundry basket tomorrow.

you gotta love the weather in texas...and if you don't, then just wait a minute and it will change. :)


  1. I will totally buy Shomik some new socks...that is one huge hole in his right one. :)

    love and miss you guys!

    Aaron & Jeanette

  2. we have some interesting news to tell you guys :) let's find a time to talk soon - via skype, facebook chat, etc.

  3. Oh how I would love to be able to make out anything that looks like grass right now! I know you are in TX and snow is not really the norm...but here in Boston MA we are covered. Covered is not the word actually..... BURIED! Snow banks on the side of the road are easily 15 feet high in some spots! I am throwing up the white flag and begging for mercy from Old Man Winter. Kicker is...more plowable snow set to arrive Saturday. Oh joy!
    Btw.. I agree... your love needs some new socks! LOL


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