ok, so before i move on to talking about india, i just want to say how much i love love irish music!

you can definitely hear how the american bluegrass and other things derived from it.

we visited a couple pubs while we were in ireland. there pubs don't have the same connotation that they do in the US...it's more of a family friendly hang out there.

it made me feel like i was in lord of the rings at the prancing pony or something that some hobbits and a tall dark stranger should pop out at any time....or maybe i just have a big imagination. :)

our favorite one that we visited was in galway, on the west coast.

this place was called tig coili, which meant 'the music' or something like that in gaelic.
it was so cute.

but the music there was my fav. i took a video, though my phone recorder couldn't pic up much of the imagery inside since it was a little dark, but you can still here the music and kind of catch the vibe of the pub.

inside they collected currency from different countries and tacked them to the ceiling with messages. apparently a lot of their foreign visitors are american, so we decided to leave them some rupees to diversify their collection. :)

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