looks like shomik and i are the temporary parents of a 12 week old puppy.
shomik's been having to test cell phone towers in a super scary part of town lately. they have to go to work with body guards and all, and the other day some dead bodies were actually found out in a field where they test towers. scary. drug deals. who knows.
but anyways, this is relevant because someone dropped off the puppy out there, and my husband, being the tender heart that he is, didn't have the heart to leave it there.
and i'm not much better. i'm always a sucker for a sweet animal. though i'm trying to stand firm on the fact that we need to find her a home...that isn't ours! our dogs wouldn't be too thrilled about a new addition...

she's a real cutie though...and smart too. i was amazed when she slept through the first night in a crate without a peep....and she seems to be catching on to the whole potty training thing pretty well. definitely faster than any of our dogs did. so hopefully we'll find a place for her soon!
in unrelated news, today is our 30 month marriage anniversary!
it may sound silly...but we both thought that 30 months sounded significant somehow, and that a little celebration might be in order. so happy 30 months of marriage shomik! i love being married to you!

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