it's a crisp and beautiful saturday morning, and i'm sitting here enjoying a hot cup of chai as i try to turn out a blog for the first time in...well, quite awhile.
blogging and chai go together. at least for me. and by chai, i mean the full out indian treat with milk and masala in it. the americanized 'chai tea' is alright, but nothing beats the real deal. and since chai actually means tea in Hindi, chai tea is actually a little bit redundant. oddly enough, i'm the only chai addict in this husband and indian counterpart actually steers clear of the stuff, which may be for the best, since now my brain actually requires chai to run on. so here's to some chai induced blogging. :)
in this current day of facebook status lines and twitter, i've begun to fear that i'm losing my ability to think in full length sentences...much less paragraphs.
blogging is something i've always enjoyed as an outlet for my thoughts...diaries have never worked that well for me, and these days if you put a pen and paper in my hand the result looks like something out of a second grade classroom. there was a day when i prided myself on decent handwriting, but i guess typing is the new writing, and a pen is now like a foreign object in my hand.
so anyways, i'll raise my cup of chai to the return of the blog. at least my return. though i hope that this might inspire others as well since i miss reading other people's blogs as much as i miss writing them.

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