so after several years of apartment living, shomik and i moved into our first house a few months ago.
it's been exciting...and special.
not that a house makes a place a home...but it feels nice to make a home in a place that we know we don't have to leave.
i dunno if that makes sense...but it makes a difference.
i guess that's what they call getting settled.
because as a teenager and then as you move into young adulthood, do the college thing, etc... you keep moving into places with the idea that it's temporary. and that home is some place where your parents live...even though it's not as much like home for you anymore.
so it's nice to have that feeling of coming 'home' everyday. i didn't realize how much i'd missed it...
to me it's like a feeling i haven't had since childhood...a permanent place. although now the feeling comes along with a lot more responsibility. i'm not complaining though. :)
anyways, i think shomik and i ended up falling for this house because it really did give us that homey feeling right off. not too big...not too small...but lots of room for possibilities.
i think all the possibilities have been a lot of the fun of it.
we live a wonderful, though somewhat peculiar life, and so it's been fun to have a place that really reflects this crazy multi cultural life we live...and to collect pieces from our adventures and special memories and place them around us.

so here's where it all happens these days:

 the living room

our bedroom
(notice our dog mowgli...who unmakes the bed everyday. hehe)

the office
(it's slowly coming together...
i love having an office space at home though! what did i ever do without it?)

the kitchen
(we looove to cook!)

breakfast nook
(notice our beaded curtain from india...i love it!)

front room/dining room
(at least it will be...eventually.)

el bano

guest room

guest room #2
(maybe a nursery eventually? hmm...)

we love to use our back porch!

oh, and can't forget our goldfish/turtle pond...
(that we built ourselves!)

...and our indian swing!
(i love to sit here and drink chai!)

oh, and here's the front...
i have some major landscaping to do...but i love the big trees!

so anyways...there's your tour of the place we now like to call home.
i hope we can make many memories here together...this place is definitely a blessing to us already.


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I totally agree with this blog and the feeling of what "home" is...
    Congrats on "Settling down"!!!
    Lovely place and you have decorated it soo tastefully!!
    Hoping to visit Dallas and meeting you all sometime next year,

  2. Looks a like a wonderful abode. I specially like the window in the kitchen. I love our home, but the next one (whenever that is) will have a window in the kitchen.

    Brief something about me: I'm a Bengali (from West Bengal, India) guy, married to an American woman, living in Minneapolis, MN. A month or so ago, I stumbled across Since then I've been visiting other such blogs. You can find me at

  3. You have a very beautiful and wonderful place t live.

    Deirdre G

  4. Wish to live in a home like this someday. The place is very relaxing.

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