My baby girl turned one, and we decided to celebrate with a "bloom & grow" themed birthday party for our little sweetheart! apologies in advance for the massive amount of pics!
My original intention was to keep things really small scale since I went a little overboard on my daughter Jia's first birthday that she found kind of overwhelming.
I simplified by just ordering some jet's pizza (our favorite) and only inviting a few close people, though I did still enjoy the decorating.  I justified making a couple dozen enormous flowers by deciding to decorate the girl's room with them after the party. I also decorated the cakes for the party by myself this time and I was pretty proud of my first attempt!

I was super happy about how my ceramic pottery cupcake stand idea turned out!

We woke her up from a nap when the party started, so she was super snuggly for awhile!

We actually made flower crowns for all the kids out of cheap thrift store bouquets, but they were too busy playing in the water to wear them! Oh well. At least Mira got a few pics in hers. :)

enjoying her pizza.

Cake time!

Now comes the progression of the cake eating...


The aftermath.

Washing off the cake.

She really did the whole party thing like a pro. She loves people so much that she just ate all the attention up. It was so much fun to celebrate her with those closest to us! Here's so many more beautiful years!

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