happy birthday sweet baby!!
if i could rewind this year and live it over again i would. it has been such a beautiful year with our sweet new member. every moment has been pure joy.
one thing i've learned about mira is that when she decides to do something she just does it. she's on her own timeline. like for months she didn't crawl and wasn't too interested in trying, and then one day she just did it like a pro.
now she hasn't started walking yet or really cruising that much, but she just up and decided to start standing. straight up from sitting! she's such a funny kid.
she still just has 4 teeth, but she can already eat like a pro! she eats as much if not more than her big sister sometimes!
berries and pizza are her favorite foods. but she isn't too picky! she also really loves to eat meat.
i love this kid, and it's been my greatest joy this year watching her grow! we love you mira grace!

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