well my littlest munchkin is now 2 months old!
oh the joy of being 2 months and receiving the blessed gift of shots!

baby girl was a trooper though. just was a happy baby all through her appointment and just cried for a few second when she got poked. she's grown to 12lbs and 1.5 ounces, which is just a couple ounces smaller that her big sister was at that age! so even though she started off more than a pound smaller, she's catching up!

mira has her fussy moments, but if eating doesn't fix it, she can usually be calmed by a stroll. she's over all such a dream baby. happy, chatting, cooing, and regularly sleeping 6-8 hour stretches at night!

this kid has taught me more than ever that parenting skills have nothing to do with a baby's sleep patterns. with jia i went by the book to try to make her a good sleeper, and it never worked. she just became a good sleeper on her own time. but mira loves to sleep and with the craziness of having a toddler i've had her in no kind of routine whatsoever. kids are so different!

anyways, i'm loving having 2 girls. jia loves her sister...sometimes a little too much, but her heart is in the right place! ;)

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