well, my baby is already a month old, and i'm already behind in keeping track of things!

i did monthly updates with jia for the first year though, and i intend to do the same with mira. i'm just taking her picture with my childhood kermit toy each month to see her growth and remember notable details. i guess this is the modern version of a baby book! ;)

from the start mira has been a pretty tranquil kid. at one month she slept a 6 hour stretch at night, and she usually just wakes a couple times a night. if she's fussy, she's pretty easy to figure out so far. she either wants milk, her paci, or to walk around (being held upright of course though so she can see!) but yeah, speaking of that, she takes a PACI! jia never would so this is a whole new world for me! i kind of love it. let's see if i still love it though when it's time to wean her! :)

like her big sister, mira could pretty much hold up her head and kick off with her feet from the start, and she's already a fan of tummy time! i suspect that with a big sister to keep up with that this one might go mobile early.

so far her eyes are still bluish, so the pediatrician suspects that they may stay light instead of going brown. at her one month appointment she was already 10.4lbs and had worked her way up to the 75th percentile! so she's about the same size as her big sister at that age! so she had gained nearly 3lbs and more than 2 inches in the first month! i like my babies chunky! ;)

we're crazy about this kid already...it's hard to imagine our lives before she arrived! 

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