so this baby is due next month and now i'm getting the feeling i should write a few things down before the pregnancy is over and i can't remember anything before that cute little one.

this pregnancy has been a bit rougher from the start. our trip to india in the first trimester though could be partially responsible for the extra morning sickness and fatigue though. but the sickness seemed to stick around a little longer this time.

by about christmas time though i started to feel more like myself again, plus things always get a little more fun once you start to actually look pregnant.

i actually may have started showing a little later this time around, but this kid has really made up for lost time in the last month or so. i definitely feel just a huge as last time at this point, if not bigger!

seeing the belly grow has been exciting for jia and really made things start to click for her. plus she got to take a big sibling class at the hospital which was pretty cool.

the tough part with a toddler this time around has been trying to keep up the bigger i get!

this week i paid the consequences of that as i fell from a swing and landed hard on my bottom! i wasn't hurt, but when i stood up my pants were wet! now, with a 25lb belly sitting on my bladder at this point i knew it was very possible that i had just peed myself, but this far along there is just so much pressure down there that it's impossible to know where anything is coming from, so we went to the hospital just to make sure i wasn't leaking amniotic fluid. after a quick false positive test at the hospital that totally freaked us out, they ordered the better fluid test to confirm. if you're leaking amniotic fluid you basically get the joy of living in the hospital bed until your baby arrives. i could not even think about spending a month in that room so we were praying like crazy! thankfully that fluid test told me i'd just peed myself, and i've never been so happy to hear embarrassing news like that!

another interesting thing we're keeping an eye on this pregnancy is that i have a low placenta. at our 32 week appointment it was borderline...almost a safe distance from the cervix, but not quite. apparently where your placenta ends up is totally random and based on wherever the embryo decides to implant at conception. however a low placenta can mean dangerous hemorrhaging during birth so often a c-section is required. but unfortunately my placenta is also in the exact place where they would normally go in for a c-section, which means the old school more complicated kind of c-section would be likely. so we're praying hard that things will still move a bit more! despite having a horrifically long vaginal delivery with jia, i'd much rather deal with the recovery from that than an old school c-section!

but other than all that things are going well. of course heartburn is a major part of my life at this point, but i think that's par for the course when you're carrying a hairy half indian baby! ;) thankfully this time i'm taking nexium, which is working miracles! i wish i'd known about it last time! also i may be less achy this time...maybe my body has already been broken in! :)

i have my usual cravings this time around...eating ice and smelling rubber and leather. weird i know. which i did discover i'm a bit anemic at my hospital incident this week though, so that could explain things. and at least i'm not eating anything weird!

i'm getting excited to meet this kid though. she seems a bit spunky, and is often hanging out in some crazy position when we get to peek at her in ultrasounds. but still it would be best if she gets to hang out in there until around her due date though because i still have so much to do!

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  1. I'm glad to hear all is going well! I was just wondering how all of you were doing and if you had the little one yet, I'm glad it was just embarrassing news that you peed yourself and not anything worse!! I wish the best for delivery which ever way it happens maybe things will move and you can have natural birth.


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