i would be a pathetic home diy blogger. first of all, i'm posting this about 6 months late, and secondly, i'm completely horrible at taking in progress pictures when i'm working on any kind of project.

when we bought our house almost 5 years ago, it was a flip that had been sitting on the market for a long time that we got a great deal on in a neighborhood we loved. however, since it was a flip, a lot of the finishes and upgrades weren't something we would have chosen, but it took me awhile to feel justified in ripping any of it out since a lot of it was new.

but this dark granite tiled fireplace had been glaring at me ever since we moved in. it was the first thing you would see when you walked through the front door, and it felt like it sucked the light out of the room.

sorry, i forgot to take a before pic before i started demo. but another thing that always annoyed me was that the tiles were off center! ugh! i just couldn't wait to get started!

one day on an impulse i just started ripping off tiles with the hope that there would be some beautiful brick underneath. alas, there was brick, however it was covered in gunk and not really salvageable.

so plan B was to put a better looking tile on the fireplace. we picked a light split faced travertine to kind of brighten the room and to tie in with travertine that's in the kitchen. also since part of the charm of split faced tile is it's imperfections, it was a good kind of a good easy medium for my husband to learn tile installation. he got the fun of fixing my impulsive demo job!

but in the end it was completely worth it! for about $100, this was a high impact project that really made the house feel so much more like our own.

ok, enough pics mom.

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