so i hate all the cliche statements about time flying so quickly with your little ones. mostly because they're true.

i can't believe my daughter is two now. it hasn't all been pretty, but i have loved every moment of parenthood in ways i had never imagined.

at two, jia is seeming more like a little girl and less like a baby. her quickly growing hair, and full mouth of teeth complete the look! she only weighs about a pound more than she did when she turned one! mostly because she was overly chubby at one, and now she never stops moving!

she says more words than we can count now, and puts little sentences together, but most of them take a trained ear to understand. she has a tendency to get the vowel sounds right, but plug in whatever consonants she feels like.

for a few months she's been able to recognize her ABCs and count to 10. she actually really loves learning things like that, which thrills my indian husband. ;)

even though the weather is warming up, the girl loves to play outside. she also loves water, so we probably need to teach her to swim properly soon!

she loves her doggies, and bosses them around already like cesar milan! she's definitely the alpha!

she's getting more into making art and playing make believe. i'm excited to see this creative aspect of her personality starting to bloom!

she's also starting to be more interested in playing with friends. her bff is our neighbor cora, but other than her, jia seems to enjoy playing with boys. maybe they're more lively?

it's hard to say what her favorite food is. thankfully she isn't too picky, but she does love anything sweet! guess she didn't stand a chance considering who her parents are. ;) she also has an amazing ability to eat spicy food that is beyond her years.

i'm thankful for another year with her...being this little girl's mom has been the greatest joy of my life!

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