ok so christmas was more than a month ago, so i need to hurry and write down the little memories we made this year before they all fall out of my head! (as things tend to do rather quickly these days!)

A) christmas is my favorite time hands down. i still feel crazy like a kid when i start hearing christmas music or see decor up. from november 1 till december 25 i'm pretty much loving life.

B) jia was at an adorable age to enjoy the holidays this year. 18 months is pretty much as cute as it gets.

for santa pics we've made it our tradition (for a whole 2 years now! :P) to go to the little santa's village in our town. it's free, and adorable. however, this year jia was a fan of the overall experience, but not so much of santa.

maybe it was just the whole 18 month separation anxiety thing...or it being past her bedtime. but oddly enough she was a fan of the police officer.

oh and of course the petting zoo was a big hit. i'm sure this kid will be a total animal lover.

we also went to see santa at willow bend mall. we didn't get pics with him (because mama's cheap!), but we did play in the fake snow (since it was free), and she was much more interested in that anyways.

a few days later this was followed by real snow/ice. and she had a ghetto-fabulous time.

and also had her first taste of hot chocolate.

christmas was partly made possible by pinterest this year. i don't know how people did the whole parenting thing before pinterest. it inspired an advent calendar filled with chocolate coins, and a felt christmas tree. both big hits for toddlers in the house.

and of course we always love a good advent candlelight service...thought jia maybe still be a little young to appreciate it.

she did however enjoy christmas lights this year...vitruvian park looked magical!

for us, the best gift on christmas morning was definitely watching her open hers! she got the hang of it this year!

it was pretty cute to see her having fun with gifts before the greed kicks in.

christmas is always a super meaningful and special time for me...but having a kid around definitely brings a little extra magic to it all...and an excuse to let my inner child loose! ;)

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