so my sweetheart is 18 months old today! happy half birthday!!

if this wasn't such an adorable age, i would probably just curl up in the fetal position and cry. my baby is growing up too fast! :(

we went with some friends to the new children's garden at the arboretum today, so it was a pretty good way to celebrate her little milestone. we went several months ago to a sneak preview, but at that time no photos were allowed, so this time the cameras were definitely out!

this kid loves being outdoors, and today the weather was glorious. like the kind of weather where you can just wear a tshirt, or sweats, and be comfortable either way. we've been having a cold winter so far, so it was a nice break. jia loves being outside though either way. and i love for her to get the chance to run out some of her energy...outside. :)

i've always loved cold rainy weather, and i'm still definitely a fan, but i must say that having a toddler now has given me a new appreciation for warm sunny days!

at this age jia has really started talking. a few weeks ago it was just like a light went on. for months she's been signing and saying a word here and there, but lately she is really using words to communicate regularly. with her new level of communication it's so precious to see her personality blooming!

on the other hand though the tantrums have definitely begun! good thing though that this age is so stinkin' cute. that bad part though is that sometimes even the tantrums are cute, so it's hard to nip something in the bud when all you want to do is laugh! :P

at this age she's also quickly becoming a daddy's girl.
i knew this was inevitable, but i don't know if i expected it so soon. but while it makes me slightly sad, it also makes me incredibly happy. my husband is such a good father to her, and he's absolutely head over heels. i can't blame jia, because i was definitely a daddy's girl myself. there's just something so special between fathers and daughters, and a girl her has a great daddy can count herself very blessed.

so time is flying, but i can't complain because it must mean i'm having a ton of fun!
i love this girl, she has been more of a blessing to us than i ever even imagined.

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