one year old...or 12 months...however you want to say it, i can't believe that it's here!

hopefully i'll crank out a few posts this week about jia's birthday fun, but for now i'm just going to tackle my last monthly baby photo and update. maybe in the future i might do some every 6 months or so, but i probably won't try to replicate the whole laying down on a blanket in a white onesie bit.

do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 12 month old to lay down on their back and be still? the past few months it's gotten increasingly challenging! here's a few out takes from this month...

actually they're kind of all out takes this time...but alas, she was done, so i just picked the one i liked best.

so as you can tell, this month she's been all over the place! she would run around everywhere with her little walker, even though we could tell she would be able to walk if she tried. she also got pretty skilled at running around on her knees, which was kind of cute! but then on her actual birthday she took her first independent steps! since then its been a few more each day.

she's in the 80% for height and weight, so she's trimming down a bit! lol. must be all that exercise!

baby girl LOVES to be outside, but unfortunately she is also a mosquito magnet! must be because she's so sweet!

these days she is learning new things so's fun watching the little light bulb go off in her head! she is getting better at using a couple signs, and she's learning how to actually play with some of her toys the way they're meant to be played with! haha.

she is full of non-stop chatter these days...once she has command of more words we'll be in trouble!

getting to know her and watch her grow this year has been one of the highlights of my life! 

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