so my baby is now a one year old.
i know. it's crazy hard to believe. please don't tell me about how they grow up so quickly.

i'll be honest...this was a little bit hard for me. i'm happy and sad to see my little baby grow up all at the same time! it's very confusing folks! :P

anyways, in order to give her a fun first bday, as well as divert myself from the danger of getting into a sad funk of wondering how the days passed so quickly and where my baby went, we took a family outing to the zoo!

this was jia's first trip to the zoo, and at just 12 months old, i wasn't too sure if she would be that interested honestly. but she's fascinated with dogs, so we hoped she'd get a kick out of other animals as well...and she did! it would be safe to say that she LOVED the zoo!

it was mostly the big animals that fascinated her...particularly the lions and giraffes. i wish the elephants had been closer for her to see, because i'm sure she would have loved those too.

there was also a petting zoo, where she made friends with some goats and horses. she's definitely not afraid of animals! good thing those goats are pretty chilled out!

but perhaps her favorite thing of all was the little water play area that the zoo had for kids. she's been pulling up and walking around with support for several months now, but watching all the big kids running around in the play area inspired her to take her first independent steps!
she's been taking a few more each day since then, so we'll be in trouble soon!

so at the end of the day, we all had a blast. my husband and i just enjoyed watching her have so much fun. it's exciting now that she is enjoying different experiences more. i hate seeing my baby disappear, but each new age brings so much excitement and joy of it's own!

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