home decor blogs have long been my guilty pleasure, and pinterest is a more recent one. so i thought that this time around i would take on the challenge put out there by some of my favorite home blogs and actually turn some of my pinspiration into reality.

there are several things in our house that aren't exactly my style, but they're not horrible either, so the reality is that i'm probably not going to invest much money in changing them.

one of these such items was our dining room chandelier.

it was your basic builder/box store sort of unit. nothing horrible, but definitely not a show stopper. and when you put an oil rubbed bronze fixture up against the back drop of a reddish brown wall, you're not doing it any favors. the thing just blended in.

you'll have to pardon my crappy photo shoot. i'm having to use the phone camera at the moment...and i was too anxious to get going on this project to wait to take a daylight shot.

but anyways, i had been browsing pinterest for some cheap updated ideas...preferably something that didn't involve paint, because i wasn't really in the mood to bust all that out...and i ran across this:

a diy rope knock off of a $1500 restoration hardware fixture.

so i decided to give it a whirl.

i just picked up $2 worth of jute twine from home depot, grabbed my hot glue gun, and got to work.

i was a little lazy for this project, because i didn't even take the chandelier down to work on it. my arms got tired, so i just worked on it whenever the mood would strike, or during baby nap time.

i'm quite pleased with the result though. not bad for a $2 upgrade. now it really pops out against the wall, and ties into all the other natural fibers i have going on in the room. i may try to figure out a way to accessorize it a little more in the future, but for now it's much improved.

so i'm pretty happy with how this little pinterest challenge turned out.
now to tackle some of the other bajillion things i have pinned...

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