whoops! looks like it's been a while month since i posted, because baby girl is now 8 months old! hard to believe!

this freaks me out a little bit because somehow 8 month feels so much closer to being 1 year old!

baby jia is changing and developing like crazy right now though! i feel like i can't even keep up with all the milestones that are flying by!

she crawls now...well, backwards anyway. she's been crawling backwards for a couple months, but now she's doing it with skill and precision to get to an intentional destination! she also pulls up, and stands up on her knees!! time to baby proof around here for real!!

she still just has 2 teeth on the bottom, but she's definitely teething badly at the moment, so i expect the top two front teeth to pop through sometime this week!

we've been doing baby led solids with her. at first she mostly just played with food, but now she loves it! there isn't a single food she's turned down...not even sour lemon! our baby girl is quite the chubster! and she definitely loves her indian food!

between all the newly acquired skills and teething, sleep is a rare commodity right now. i can't wait to sleep through the night again...someday!

i love this kid though...i wouldn't trade one moment for the world!

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