at more than 39 weeks pregnant, it definitely feels like a waiting game now.

people look at me walking around like i'm carrying a bomb or something. haha.
it's a different look than i got a few months ago. i've even had total strangers come up to me lately and say things like "next time you need to plan things better so that you're not pregnant during the texas summer." thanks people.

most everyone else who was due around the same time as me seems to have already popped. most of them a couple weeks ago. i'm afraid someone will have to be the late one to balance the averages, and i have to remember that this kiddo is half indian after all. i guess we'll start learning right now if he/she is more like mama or papa. ;) will indian standard time prevail?

the baby is in position, and my cervix is soft apparently (sorry if that's TMI), but i haven't really dilated at all yet. while this info is interesting to know (for me at least), it's not really super helpful. apparently it still means anything can happen at any time. i could go into labor right now, or in 3 weeks. even if you're dilated, you can be several centimeters for a few weeks before labor. there's no sure sign to gauge the timing. my nurse yesterday at my weekly check in terrified me by telling me her baby was 3 weeks late! haha.

somehow since my original due date was actually in may, i never really imagined actually making it all the way to the new june date they adjusted it i arrived around 37 weeks...but we'll see what happens.

my doctor has me scheduled for induction on the 12th...however i'm going back and forth about whether i want to take him up on it or not. he seems to think my body is ready, and would respond favorably if he just "knocks over the first domino", and that the baby is done and's just hanging out in there cuz it's comfy. both my weight and the baby's seem to have plateaued here at the end. the doctor told me that's really normal apparently, though i was a bit surprised. but i guess at this point this kiddo looks like it's about a 7 pounder.

i'm still not sure what i'll do though if i have to decide about induction. i feel a little cruel about kicking the baby out before it decides to come out on it's own...even if it's fully cooked. plus, while i'm open to having an epidural if i need it, i really would like to try and see how far i can get without one instead of just planning on it. i've heard though that with induction you pretty much have to go ahead though and get an epidural at the same time since the labor comes on a lot faster and harder.

it's getting hard now to wait. i'm anxious to meet this little person at last. i'm anxious for the suspense to be over! haha. i'm feeling a little grounded these days since my husband is nervous about me driving too far at this point in case i go into labor an have an accident or something.
i'm anxious to know finally...little boy, or little girl?

so say a little prayer for us. for healthy baby. healthy mama. oh, and if it's not to much to ask, pray that this kiddo will come soon so that i don't have to decide whether to kick it out or not! ;)


  1. similar happened to me.... was over-due and doctor said that if baby didn't come over the weekend, then I was scheduled to be induced on Monday. Sunday night baby still hadn't come, so I figured I'd be going to the hospital for induction the next day. But baby decided to make some last minute plans and early Monday morning I woke up with labor pains. Let's see what your little one is planning to do! :)

  2. I have a couple of thoughts for you.
    1. Punch people in the face that tell you to plan your due dates better! ;) I have a small amount of patience for people who tell me inconsiderate things when I am pregnant.
    2. sonograms are not always accurate. It's more like a guess. The sonogram said that Levi was 8 lbs at 37 weeks. I actually went into labor the next day and he was 7 lbs 9 oz. Good thing he wasn't 8 lbs! He would have been huge if I made it all the way to 40 weeks.
    3. don't feel cruel about evicting your kid, especially if you've gone past your due date. the biggest problems infants have when they haven't made it to 40 weeks is difficulty nursing and reflux. since you are past that point, the baby should do fine. :)
    4. if you want to do a natural birth, get LOTS of sleep now!!! I planned on doing a natural birth with Levi, but then I ended up judging for the Fine Arts festival until 1 AM. (Dumb) Then I ended up going into labor at 3AM. Needless to say I was very very tired going into labor. By noon I had no more energy left to work through the contractions. So I ended up getting an epidural. Honestly, the epidural was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And I got to sleep before I spent 3 hours pushing him out. So my advice for you is get LOTS of rest now and stay flexible in labor. :)

    I've been thinking about you, and I can't wait to see what this baby looks like, and to find out the sex!!! :)


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