my pregnancy has reached almost 20 weeks, and the question of gender is on my mind.

not that it matters to me...i would love a boy or a girl. it's just the curiosity that's killing me.
on the other hand, my husband would rather not know the baby's gender yet. he wants to be surprised at the birth. with him being from india, people aren't allowed to know the gender there any ways, so it's not something he's as used to. so we've yet to make a decision, but we need to make it soon!

the reason sonograms aren't allowed in india is sadly due to female abortions. in some parts of india, there are 800 women for every 1000 men. in a normal society, there are slightly more women than men, so that tells you that female abortion and infanticide are still definitely an issue in some places.

today i saw an article about a doctor who is trying to pass a US law that wouldn't allow gender to be determined via ultrasound until 30 weeks, in order to prevent gender based abortion...which is much more rare in the US, but apparently it still happens.

it looks like this has caused some interesting controversy...
especially among the pro-choice crowd.

many advocates of the pro-choice stance seem to also be leaning towards advocating this policy because they are still upset about gender discrimination taking place.

which is fascinating to me...because, correct me if i'm wrong, but the way i see it is that really the biggest disagreement between a person who is pro-choice, and one who is pro-life, is whether or not abortion amounts to killing a person.

i know it's really a bigger issue than that, but i feel like in many ways, this is what it comes down to. so that does make it interesting to me that many people who don't feel that a person is being killed, are simultaneously upset about gender discrimination towards that...person. know what i mean?

anyways, i don't usually feel much benefit in stirring up controversy on the internet, but i just thought this was something interesting to consider, and i'm curious to know the thoughts of others.

my personal stance is pro-life. going through a pregnancy myself now is an incredible experience that's only confirmed life before birth to me. however, i do recognize that there is usually a gray area, and there extreme and rare medical cases where an abortion might need to be an option. not that anyone would want to be in a position of having to make that choice, but i suppose it could be a bit like a house being on fire, and you only have time to save one person inside. i feel that it is incredibly uncommon for people to abort for reasons like this though, and most of the time abortion is just being used as birth control.

anyways, that's my two cents. i know this is a subject that can really get people riled up, but i'm curious to hear how people feel about these two humans rights issues that in many ways seem to be in conflict.

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