picking a person's name is tough. it's kind of a lot of pressure.

especially finding a name that will work in two very different cultures.

oh, and did i mention that we're leaning more and more towards not finding out the gender early? my husband always wanted to be surprised...i've swayed back and forth a bit. but the closer we get to finding out, the more i'm thinking that waiting could be fun.

but that means we need to have 2 names picked out instead of just one. double challenge.

my mom is kind of my litmus test for indian names. i definitely want our child to have a name that is indian, but the challenge is choosing an indian name that americans won't totally butcher.

that's where my mom comes in. i write down a name for her, and then listen to her try to say it. a few have definitely been eliminated that way. haha.

since my child will never get to meet my dad who is passed away, i would also like to make some kind of tribute to my dad with the name. my dad's initials were J.E....as were my grandfather's, who is also gone. so i thought it might be nice to give those first two initials to my child as a way to be connected to him.

so if anyone has any name suggestions...especially indian names, feel free to submit them now. i do have a short list, though i'm not yet ready to reveal the name candidates because they may still be likely to change.

for right now though i've started calling the kiddo "baby j"...since boy or girl, their first name will likely start with a J. and speaking of baby j, my husband got to feel the baby kick for the first time this morning. i've been feeling it for awhile, but it's kind of felt like mine and the baby's little secret...it's nice though now being able to share the fun with my hubby. :)

oh, and just for "kicks", here we are last week at 20 weeks...definitely working on that bump!


  1. That is only 20 weeks.... are you sure its just 1????? :-) You are looking awesome girl!

  2. I love how you're testing the name hahaha. That's a good idea. There are actually Indian names that have made it into American culture. Sonia for one, which I know doesn't start with a J, but maybe you can find one that does. There are quite a few Indian baby name sites online.


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