it has reached the time of year where i annually play around with the idea of relocating.

texas is hot in the summer, baby.
i grew up here, but i will never be used to it. if the hubby and i ever moved to india for some reason, you know it would only be because of true love on my part, because if texas is hot, india is even hotter.

though it's hard to imagine anything hotter than this right now.

i don't even think i've seen a cloud in the sky for the whole month of june! me and my plants could seriously use some rain!

but anyways, all this to say that this has gotten the husband and i are planning an escape.
no don't worry, i'm not talking about moving or anything. just a vacation!

i'm getting pretty excited about it right about now.
most years our vacation time/money needs to be saved to visit the inlaws in india. however, since we were there in december, we're not going to india again until next spring/summer...which means we don't even know what to do with ourselves now! :)

decisions decisions. all we know is that we have got to escape this heat!
...while not spending much money...
...and also bringing our dogs!

the dogs make it a little challenging i must say. but my husband kind of refused to go without them, and gave me a sad face saying 'we always have to leave them when we go to india...i just can't leave them again!'

sad. how can you say no to that? and how to you say no to those cutie patooties?

so we've been brainstorming...
places within a day's drive, that are less than 100 degrees, and where we can take pets.

given those restrictions we narrowed our choice down to....*drum roll*......colorado!

but then we had to research accommodation.
not as easy as you would think.

i am all for camping...which is really the best pet friendly option for a vacation...
however, i won't lie...i'm also kind of scared of bears ever since the arkansas bear incident of '10. and in colorado they have grizzlies!! yikes!

i need a little more in between me and the great outdoors at night than a thin nylon tent.

but pet friendly places are hard to find. a lot of places say they're pet friendly, but then they have certain restrictions, or else they charge an extra $10 per pet per night! which for us would get really expensive really fast!

so a little more internet research, and it looks like we might have figured out some solutions!

it looks like we're going to try and spend a couple days in a rustic cabin that's in a forest service park, and a couple more days at a historic bed and breakfast we found...that allows no extra cost...and is the same cheap price as the rustic cabin! (cheaper than a budget motel!)

it still sounds too good to be true.
but needless to say, our dog restrictions have pretty much planned the route for our entire trip.

we'll be in southwest colorado mostly. which is an area i've never been to...near gunnison, telluride, four corners, etc... so here's hoping it's as pretty as the rest of colorado!

we're thinking of stopping a night in northern new mexico as well to break things up. if anyone has any recommendations, then let me know. but it's likely that i'll be letting doggie needs will be guiding us for the rest of the planning as well!

hopefully all our research will pay off and we'll have a dog-tastic vacation this summer! :)

i wish we were already yesterday!


  1. vacation to Germany????? Well, no dogs would be allowed in the airplane... Yikes, its nice here though. Mostly 70's and yes some days even still high 60's, but its 60's in the summer ..... :-)

  2. I can't wait to hear about the dog friendly bed and breakfast! Looks like we may have a few days of escape in August after Kelly's summer school ends. we'll see... but I think it will be something similar w bringing the dogs along...

    wish we could have gone with you guys. Maybe next time!


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