ok, so part of the reason i started blogging here wasn't to just talk about big life happenings... but to also capture the day to day little things that our lives are made of.

so that those happy little moments don't just fade into forgotten memories.

i guess basically what i'm trying to say is that if you're looking for excitement, you may not want to read today. but if you don't mind mundane daily life, then you're welcome to take a walk with me and bindi!

bindi needs daily exercise. a lot of it. without it she's the goddess of destruction.
so she has certainly been my inspiration in exploring all the paths and parks of our neighborhood.

and we've found our favorite route. we take this walk/jog about 4-5 times a week, and it usually takes us almost an hour, so it's a nice little workout for both of us.

most of my mornings start with bindi stalking me as soon as i sit down to drink my chai.

this is her begging to go for a walk pose. how can i refuse?
she will harass me until we go, so she's a great workout buddy for accountability.

this is my favorite walk for the scenery, and bindi's favorite for the squirrels.
when you exit our alley, you enter right onto a nice walking path through a park.

these paths go for a couple miles all around the neighborhood, and i LOVE them.

bindi and i take these paths down to our favorite neighborhood park. we usually pass a few bikers and joggers on the way.

this is the view peeking over a bridge into a creek...we're almost to our favorite spot!


isn't she cute?

i just think this is a cool looking wall. but bindi only cares about the squirrels.

this time of year the walk is extra pretty...because as soon as you emerge from the woods, you find yourself in the middle of wildflowers!

excuse the crazy hair. i just felt the need to get in a pic!


better luck next time bindi.

back in the neighborhood...gotta behave now.

ok, i think all this picture taking is starting to weird bindi out.

home! bindi takes a nice long drink from the goldfish pond...

...and then it's time to recharge!
what a life!

well, i hope you enjoyed our little walk!
reading blogs burns calories too...i promise! ;)


  1. Such pretty spots to walk in! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing love the photos of Bindi how cute is she! I can tell she loves to walk, I must say the wild flowers are super pretty too so is the wall as well.


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