ever since we moved into our house (almost 2 years ago!), i'm a little ashamed to say that our outdoor back porch light fixture has not worked!

the home inspector told us there was nothing actually wrong with the light...it was just that the bulb was burned out...and the light is so old (original to the house probably) that they don't make the bulbs anymore. i looked around a bit for the bulb, but then gave up. the light was ugly, rusted, and very 1971 anyhow.

there are things i love about the 1970s...the music rocked back then...but i'm afraid that home design did not!

i dislike most outdoor fixtures anyways...why do they always have to be so boring? and why do they usually look like boobies? seriously now.

anyways...i've seen a lot of people make lights out of crazy random things lately. and i dig it.
so i decided to make a little light fixture of my own.

so i snagged a cheap basket at hobby lobby for $2, and the cheapest light fixture i could find at home depot for $5.

i cut a hole in the bottom of the basket, and it's held up there with the fixture. hopefully it's not a fire hazard. :P if you know anything about that, then please do share. all the wires are all clamped up though and up in the ceiling, pretty far away from everything else.

ok, can i just say that those baskets are tougher than they look?? man, that took a loooooot of cutting! it's not perfect, but i'm happy with the finished product!

i love how its not your typical outdoor light, and how you can see it from the deck! it castes some nice shadows in the dark too.

question...do you think the handles should stay or go? i couldn't decide so i left them for now.

i love the view of it from our deck. and i love this picture.
mostly just because i get to show off the cute little elephant planter that my hubby got me a few weeks ago.

i kind of have a thing for elephants...so it's a good thing i married an indian...
not that they all have elephants over there or anything...though i have seen a few. :)

anyways. creative and cheap solutions make me happy!
i love it when a diy project actually turns out the way you had envisioned it!

happy ending.

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  1. I love the light I say keep the handle it make it look more awesome! when reading this I didn't think it would look that good the I read down further and saw how great it looks! I like diy as well. The elephant is so cool where did he find that? I do had how all out door light and some in door ones look like boobies ugh! You gave me and idea for new out door light.

  2. It really looks great. Can't wAit till we do the nex light project together!


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