confession. i have a gardening addiction.

i don't know why, but i always think of little old ladies gardening. does this make me officially old?
but i have to admit that if i let myself, i could blow some serious money in a plant nursery!

when we bought our house, it was pretty much a blank canvas for landscaping. needed help!

the backyard has been easy and fun to gradually add things to. but the front yard has been my problem child.

it's a north facing yard with three ginormous trees! which makes for a very shady and rooty area.

so i've been trying to figure out plants that can deal well with maybe have some interesting color? and survive texas heat?? it's a challenge!

this spring our yard is starting to look a little better than last year though. we still have a long way to go, and i'm far from being a landscape designer, but it's nice to at least see some progress.
new additions to the garden this spring were the tiger lilies. i planted them as root balls, and i've been very excited to see that they decided to go ahead and bloom...i put them in the sunniest spot i could manage, but it was still pretty shady, so thankfully they performed anyways!

i picked up a couple betonies last year off a nursery clearance rack. i wasn't really sure what they were, but i kind of liked the foliage, and the tag said they could to part shade, so i thought i'd check them out.

well, this year i have definitely gotten my $3 worth out of those guys! i love their purple flowers, and the splash of color they add!

holy hostas!! probably the show stoppers this year though are the hostas that i also picked up on clearance last year. these pics do not do justice to how enormous they are! i love them!

and another new addition this year sitting next to the hostas are our ginger plants! they're supposed to bloom later in the summer, so i can't wait to see those blooms for the first time. i like the bit of height they add, as well as a kind of tropical feel.

well, that's my little garden update! i'm far from being a pro, so i'd love any advice or suggestions!
i eventually want to extend one side of the garden around the east corner of the house. that corner gets more sun, so i might be able to add some interest there. oh, and i want to add a few more of these little day lilies as well... they seem to do pretty good anywhere!

also i need to figure out how to deal with my roof run off area. it's like a huge bald spot. or as i like to call man's land. know any shady pretty plants that can take a beating? :P

the ground cover around our huge maple is an issue as well. cuz the mondo grass currently there is ugly and sparse due to the crazy amount of roots going on. so i'm considering taking trying to root some clippings of a cross vine i have in the back to make into a ground cover... but i've never seen it as a ground cover, so if anyone knows if this might work then let me know.

hopefully next spring i can show you a completed front garden!
or at least some more progress... :)

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