ok so right now in texas it is hot.
like melt your face off hot.

it's funny, but since my husband and i have been together, indian food as really become a daily part of my life...to the point where at some times i even find certain things to be comfort foods.

one of these things is mishti doi.
my husband's family is from west bengal...a place in india known for it's sweets.

the first time i ever had this dish, we were visiting my husband's aunt and uncle in new delhi.
there was some kind of power outage in the city...so for one day we didn't have power or water, and the temp outside was about 110.

then shomik's aunt comes out to save the day with this dessert she had made earlier.
it was soooo yummy, and a seriously satisfying relief from the heat.

that was a recipe i had to have for future reference...and fortunately for me, it was super easy!
of course there's a more authentic and complicated way of going about it, but for me, easy works just fine. :)

mishti doi (sweet yogurt)

1 32oz plain yogurt
1 can of sweetened condensed milk

mix the two ingredients together in a bowl, and then put them in a microwave safe container.
cook in the microwave for 2-5 minutes...until it starts to develop a custard like consistency.
then chill in the fridge and serve cold!

in the winter i love to bake...
but in the summer, this is my kind of cooking!

ps- happy independence day to india!


  1. WOW that is so easy I must try this when I get paid next week I love sweets but since my weight loss operations I have to watch what and how much I eay yogart is good for me so will have to try this sounds like ymmmmmiiiieeeeeeeeee treat that I will lilke and will replace junk. Thanks for sharing this with us! PS I love the cup in the backgroung I'm guess it's cup.

  2. I knew it! Shomik had to be a Bengali, right?!


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