baby girl is 9 months of fun, and has been out as long as she was in now!

she still doesn't have a big interest in crawling...she just bounces and scooches on her booty. but that's fine by me. the sitting but not yet mobile stage is my favorite! and she seems to be focusing more of her energy on communicating. :)
she says mama and papa regularly, and tries to mimic a lot of other sounds. she also does 3 or 4 signs and can blow kisses!
she also still has that same easy going temperament. oh, and her favorite food is definitely blueberries!

My big girl is also growing fast! she seems like more and more of a big girl every day.

she loves her school and her friends and she has so many opinions now! she loves all things girlie, pink, purple, and sparkly. she's also imaginative at this age. i love seeing her use her imagination. she has a nonsense phrase she likes to say lately... "meena kompuna." who knows! Oh, and she's a pretty great big sister. I'm super proud of this girl. i'm proud of both of my girls actually. :)

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