hello. my baby is 5 months old. please stop the time!

little mira turned 5 months while we were in india. (india deserves a whole other post!)

she is just such little wonder. at 5 months she is so delightfully social. she was definitely the crowd pleaser on our trip!

she loves her big sister and thinks her screaming at the top of her lungs is just hilarious, though the rest of us beg to differ!

she's drooling like crazy and putting everything in her mouth. every day i check to see if a tooth as cut through!

her sleep is all messed up at the moment thanks to jet leg, but she seems to be nursing more at night these days. could be the teeth. she's still a good little sleeper though.

right when she turned 5 months she was trying to sit up on her own but still lacked the balance. in the past couple weeks she's gotten the balance down too, though i'll still put a pillow behind her. ;)

oh, and she has officially become a thumb sucker! we fought it as long as we could and would try to exchange the thumb with the paci, but she gradually seems to be winning on this front. :P

her pic this month is with her sister's zebra since we left kermit the frog stateside while we were in india. i love this little kid to the moon and back! what a blessing!

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