well i still haven't caught up on posts for the fall and now christmas has come and gone!

christmas is my absolute favorite, and i'm always a little depressed once it's over. but now it's even more special to me since we have a little one in the family. no one tells you that christmas is even more fun as a parent than as a kid.

i love making traditions with jia and teaching her about the true meaning of christmas. i also tried to hunt down all the fun activities in the area so that we could have a lot of holiday fun!

here's a photo run down of our season!

snow palace

dallas children's parade

santa's helper at the mall

jia's first ginger bread house

petting zoo at santa's village

vitruvian park

tuzer's nutcracker

decorating cookies

and of course meeting santa!

whew! we were busy!

on christmas eve jia actually came down sick, which was a big bummer! she had a high fever so we stayed in all day and just snuggled. thankfully her temp had dropped by christmas morning though, so we were able to really have fun and join family for some celebrating.

gifts at home

christmas with granna

jia was really getting into the whole gift thing, so i'm sure that by next christmas she'll be completely out of control now that she's caught on to what presents are about.

so farewell christmas...see u next year!

and happy new year to all!

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