where have the past couple of months gone??

my goodness...this is pretty much the epitome of my experience as a mom so far...it's like i blink and months fly by!

jia will be 15 months next week, and with each new age i feel like i've found my new favorite.

it thrills me to see her personality blooming.

at this age her favorite activities are running, collecting sticks, feeding and petting the dogs, reading books, and jumping!

she LOVES to be outside! even in the summer heat! she'll play in her sandbox and water table until she's covered in sweat.

she babbles constantly! most of it doesn't make sense, but she uses all kinds of intonations like it is supposed to! haha. she knows and says a few words, and will repeat words we say some times, but she uses signs much more than words to communicate at this point. she definitely understands more and more of what we say even though she doesn't communicate with words much herself.

she now has 12 teeth...and it looks like some more on the way! getting those molars was no fun, particularly the last one, so hopefully the next batch of teeth will cause less drama! she's got a good mouthful now to enjoy her food with!

oh, and now she's a snuggler! as an infant she was never super snuggly, but now she comes up and wants to snuggle, and we love it! there's nothing more thrilling than baby cuddles and kisses! for both me and my husband she is the highlight of each day!

i really need to try to keep up with this better since she changes so much all the time. it's amazing how many little things i'm already forgetting, so i'm writing it here to remember...and so that maybe some day jia can read it too! ;)

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  1. Sooooo cute! My daughter just turned 15 months too...it is such an active age!


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