this past weekend my aunt was visiting from arizona, so we had a little family gathering. jia got to meet some of her relatives for the first time, and also took her first dip in a pool!

i was a little nervous that 6 weeks would be too young, but at the same time really want to get her used to water early!

anyways, i'm glad we went for it, because she loved it!

maybe we have a little future olympic swimmer on our hands? hehe. sorry, i think i just have olympics on the brain with it on tv constantly the past couple of weeks!

now at 7 weeks, she's also become a champ at holding her head up!

she's definitely already becoming more interactive! love this kid!

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  1. Hi There,
    Me and my wife had a discussion about when to expose our child to water. We are expecting our first one in december this year. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing your views. We are also intercultural couple, I am from and india and my wife is from midwest. We also had discussions about what a baby will look like. We are having a boy and in sonogram his features are very much like mine. It will be interesting.


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