have i mentioned that it's hot in texas right now?
like crazy hot. like so hot that a friend of mine just left for india and was surprised at how much cooler it felt there!

i have a serious chai addiction, which doesn't go well with these temps. it's a problem.

so i took matters into my own hands and made a little summertime invention...chaice cream.
chaice cream= chai ice cream.

all i did was make my usual chai with cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, boiled it in just whole milk, added sweetened condensed milk, and whipped it up in the good ol' ice cream machine.

and it's awesome. can i say that?

sorry for the melty pic. i just couldn't wait for it to finish setting before i had a little taste.

i love experimenting with ice cream flavors.
sometimes it's a total fail. but this time my friend, i say we have a winner! :)

hang in there friends, and have some chaice cream! it can't stay this hot forever...can it?

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