remember when i mentioned a pending project with the black thing on the wall by our patio?
well, welcome to our vertical garden!

ok, so it's not much to look at as of yet, but i have big dreams of a wall covered in greenery a few months/years down the line!

my husband's cousin is a landscape designer in mumbai. mumbai is a city packed with millions of people, so needless to say, there isn't a lot of room for spacious gardens. so he came up with this vertical garden concept that works really well! his gardens were amazing! i raved about it last time we were in india, so he sent us home with a kit basically to set it up here! i'm ashamed to say that it took me 1.5 years to get to this project,  but alas, it's finally up, and i can't wait for it to grow!

i chose to fill it with succulents because A) they're awesome. and B) they're one of the few things i can usually keep alive since they don't have huge watering demands.

all the plants are super small for now. i bought like 10 small succulents and basically cut them into pieces and rooted them to multiply them so that i wouldn't have to spend a small fortune on plants (i needed 96!) so it's a little slower going, but they seem to be taking off!

hopefully those little succulents will grow into something like this!

grow babies grow!

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