ok, so someone has officially lived in this great big world now as long as they lived inside my belly!

on st. patty's day, jia turned 9 months old!

all the sudden it's starting to feel like i have more of a child than a baby! she's super mobile, crawling around all over the place, climbing up on things, and starting to cruise a little.

and one day before she turned 9 months, she said her first intentional word...and it was "mama"! does this mean that i win? ;) probably her favorite noise to make is to say "dada" over and over again, but her father wants to be called "papa". plus this was different...the other sounds she says for fun, but when she said mama you could tell she meant me. even her papa was there and agreed! She also tries to wave bye bye now!

anyways, it's like she's reached a whole new level suddenly of mimicry, and understanding some cause and effect. if feels like her developments are increasing exponentially now... i'm afraid she'll be passing me up soon! haha.

as she grows i feel both sad to see the baby go away, but also happy as i love seeing her learn new things!

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  1. The time goes by so quickly!!!! I am so trying to enjoy every moment!!!
    PS:I love that Jia was waving bye to me and Tejay the other day. :)


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